“NeoMTA is easy to manipulate and handle. Highly recommended.” – Dr. Bradley Seto, DDS, MSD – Santa Monica Endodontics, Santa Monica, CA

“The mix is unbelievable!” – Peter Cancellier, DDS, Irvine, CA

“I routinely use MTA Plus as a sealer. I can also vary the viscosity for such uses as perforation repairs and root-end fillings.” – Prof. Franklin Tay, BDSc (Hons), PhD, Chair, Department of Endodontics, Georgia Health Sciences University, Augusta, GA

“MTA Plus works great; stays in place even with patients who are on blood thinners.” – Mitchell Edlund, DDS, Sarasota, FL

“I like how the Grey MTA Plus mixes. The fine particle-size powder combined with the special gel creates a material that has superior handling properties.” – Professor Karl F. Woodmansey, DDS, Department of Endodontics, Baylor College of Dentistry, Dallas, TX

“Much better in handling, placement, washout.” – Micah Porter, DDS, The Edodontic Group, Inc., Frisco, Texas

“The material is wonderful.” – Takashi Komabayashi, DDS, PhD, Director Postgraduate Endodontics, West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV

“I really enjoy using the NEO MTA. It handles so well and is very easy to mix. This time I mixed into a putty ball and then placed it right into the chamber. It was as easy as that.” – Ryan Walsh, DDS, Advanced Edodontics of Texas, Keller, TX

“I use MTA Plus products for my procedures – from base to root canal sealer. I can mix MTA Plus to any consistency I want. It has replaced my ZOE root canal sealer.” – Jeffrey Mahan, DDS, Sarasota, FL

“It’s outstanding. It’s head and shoulders above ProRoot®…Easy handling, easy to mix. Very nice product.” – Philip Abbott, DDS, Bartow, FL

“I loved the packaging. What especially caught my attention was the gel – perfect to mix for any application.” – Professor Prasanna Neelakantan, MDS, Saveetha Dental College, Chennai, India

“With gel-definitely faster setting.” – Professor Hani Ounsi, MS, PhD, Kuwait University, Kuwait City, Kuwait

“The powder has a nice texture and gel has good consistency…rinseout resistant is an important advantage over other types of MTA I have used. I Found material easy to mix and handle, I have been using ProRoot® MTA for quite a long time and the differences in these 2 points is significant…In my opinion the material I believe professionals who use ProRoot® MTA on a regular basis will opt for using this material in their daily practice.” – Silvina Carol Díaz, DDS, Cordoba, Argentina

“The material is far better than MTA for sure. I am really happy and privileged to use the material for my study.” – Professor Geeta Hiremath, MDS, SDM College of Dental Science & Hospital, Kamataka, India

“In my view it is a very good and useful material. I have been using other MTA for a long time and their drawbacks was mainly mixing and handling…Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the opportunity to use the material.” – Juan Emiliano Olivera, DDS, Cordoba, Argentina

“The faster setting time seemed an advantage to me in all circumstances, both in apex procedure since it minimizes the risk of material extension and in apical surgery since when rinsing the area it does not washout…I really liked the material.” – Professor Sonya Ferrerya, PhD, Endodontics Department, Cordoba University, Argentina

“New ball game, no need for MAP…” – Donna Myers Ashley, Dental Assistant, Department of Endodontics, Baylor College of Dentistry, Dallas, Texas

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