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Flossing for the pieces missed.

    After the craze surrounding the removal of the recommendation to floss every day in the latest edition of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans created by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and U.S. Department of Agriculture, it is time to...

Sports Drinks “Over Exercising” Teen’s Enamel

Often when we give our kids sports drinks, we think we are giving them a healthy drink that outweighs other options such as soda or energy drinks, but the reality is we are putting their oral health at risk. An article written by BBC News (UK) discusses the major...

NeoMTA Plus®: Your First Aid Root and Pulp Kit

NeoMTA Plus®: Your First Aid Root and Pulp Kit

A first aid kit is important for a broad variety of unforeseen situations. It provides immediate care and solutions in both emergency and minor circumstances. Dentists also need a “first aid kit” for root and pulp emergencies. NeoMTA Plus®, created by Avalon Biomed...

The Shocking Prevalence of Early Childhood Cavities

The Shocking Prevalence of Early Childhood Cavities

What Kind of Threat are Early Childhood Cavities (ECC) Imposing on our Children? At Avalon Biomed, our mission is greater than selling MTA-based products; we want to help you improve oral health worldwide. In support of our mission, we are sharing an article written...

*Check out these case studies from Dr. Richard Rubinstein.

The PDF on case reports has a sampling of cases from doctors around the world using MTA Plus for vital pulp therapy and endodontic indications. Please look through the file to see the successful radiographic reports for cases treated with MTA Plus.

Download the case studies here

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