1. Debride, clean and shape the root canal system.
  2. Rinse with a NaOCl solution (3.0 to 6.0%).
  3. Dry well with paper points.
  4. For use with gutta percha, apply a light coating of MTA Plus (mixed with the gel to a syrupy, stringy consistency) to the canal walls.
  5. Coat the obturation points with the mixed MTA Plus material and insert in the canal.
    • DO NOT OVERFILL the root canals!
    • AVOID AIR BUBBLES in the material.
    • DO NOT PUMP the gutta percha point in the canal.
    • MINIMIZE OVEREXTENSION of the material beyond the apex.
  6. For complete obturation, gently compact thickly mixed MTA Plus material into the canals.
  7. Confirm placement of the material in the complete root canal system with a radiograph.

NOTE:  For removal in retreatment, use standard mechanical techniques. If only MTA Plus material is used for obturation, use ultrasonic instruments.