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Choosing a product


NeoMTA Plus vs. Grey MTA Plus

NeoMTA Plus & Grey MTA Plus have the same indications for use in pulpal or periradicular tissue contact. Both products are based on the same bioactive cement. NeoMTA Plus is a light-colored, stainproof MTA bioceramic. Grey MTA Plus bioceramic has a silvery color, and is 0.5 mm aluminum more radiopaque than NeoMTA Plus (per ISO 13116 test at 1 mm thick). Grey MTA Plus costs about 15% less per dose than NeoMTA Plus, but may discolor. The discoloration is only esthetic, not functional, but may be noticed if used coronally.   

Dose information


Doses Per Kit

The estimated doses are as follows:


Kit Size                Doses


2.5 gm                     25                              Grey & NeoMTA Plus


7.0 gm                     70                              NeoMTA Plus only


8.0 gm                     80                              Grey MTA Plus only


The amount of gel in each kit is approximately 2x the amount needed.    


Powder Scoop Size

A level powder scoop holds 0.1gm, which is enough for most procedures.
(Note: Sample kits have a 0.05 gm powder scoop.)


Preparing for use


Directions for use (DFU) & Tip Sheet

Read DFU prior to use. To obtain, visit select resources, then Directions for Use. 
A Tip Sheet is also available


Mixing Instrument

Use the Avalon Biomed spatula or a fairly stiff metal spatula. Metal spatulas are preferred over plastic spatulas because they allow easy mixing and fast incorporation of the powder and gel.


Mixing Surface

• Glass slabs are recommended for ease in spatulating the cement.
• A high-quality mixing pad may be used, if it does not absorb water.


Mixing Ratio

• The ratio of powder to gel can be varied for a procedure and application technique.
• Dispense one scoop of powder. Gradually add less gel than powder.


Procedure                                                                                                           Approximate Gel Amount


       Root-end filling or perforation repair  (putty-like)                       1 drop gel or less
       Sealer consistency (thin)                                                                  2 drops gel or less

• The ratio of powder to gel should be adjusted to meet clinician’s preference.


Mixing Technique

1) Dispense one 0.1gm scoop of powder onto glass slab.
2) Dispense 1 drop of MTA Plus gel onto the glass slab separate from the powder.
3) Gradually incorporate a small amount of gel into the powder, mixing thoroughly.
4) Continue to add gel, mixing thoroughly until desired consistency is achieved.
Watch Mixing Technique videos at, select resources, then Videos.


Mixture Adjustments


Mixture – Dried out

• Add gel gradually to break up the matrix to achieve desired consistency. This method works well within       the first 1/2 hour after mixing.


Mixture – Sticky

• Gradually add a small amount of powder (less than 1 scoop).
• To prevent a sticky mixture, use less gel, or gradually add the gel when mixing


Application & Setting Time; Coronal Covering


Application Instruments

• The gel/powder mixture makes delivery easy, so any preferred instrument, even a “plastics” instrument,      may be used to deliver a small amount to the procedural site.
• Alternatively, use as a Vista™ Disposable MTA Carrier, Messing gun, amalgam carrier, Dovgan MTA               carrier, or the MAP™ system.
• For thinner mixtures, a Dycal® instrument can be used.
• For sealer, a paper point or lentulo spiral can be used to place the sealer on the walls of the canal.


Composite or Glass Ionomer Use

• After MTA Plus is placed, a glass ionomer,  resin-modified glass ionomer, or a flowable composite may be   applied coronally and cured.
• When a composite is placed, etch and prime the tooth, not the mTA Plus. Proceed with bonding the             composite on the top of the cement.


Setting Time

When the powder is mixed to a putty-like consistency using the gel, washout resistance is achieved in about 3 minutes after mixing has begun. For putty-like mixtures, initial set occurs in 15 minutes in vivo, while final set occurs within 50 minutes. For thinner mixtures these times are extended with final set typically achieved within 3 hours. The procedure can be continued and completed immediately after the material is placed. 

Clean up & Storage

Clean up (after cement is set)
Soak the glass slab or instrument in vinegar or water until the cement softens.



Refrigeration does not extend the shelf life, and the humidity in the refigerator may deteriorate the powder. The product nottles may be stored within the kit box at room temperature.

Shelf Life

• The products have a 3-year shelf life.
• Do not leave the powder or gel containers open. The powder can absorb humidity, which reduces shelf        life by increasing set time and reducing the compressive strength.
• Over years, the gel will become too thin to be satisfactory.


Light-Curing MTA

• Avalon Biomed does not manufacture a light-curing MTA.
• Light-curable MTAs have less than 50% MTA. We prefer not to dilute the bioactivity and we want to               ensure the powder is hydrated to release Ca(OH)2



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Cost/Size of Product


How much is shipping?


US Shipping

Ground – $12
2 Day Air – $25
Overnight quoted at time of order


How many cases can I treat with the MTA Plus® kits?


About 25 cases for the 2.5 gm kit, about 70 cases for the NeoMTA Plus kit, and about 80 cases for the Grey MTA Plus kit.


What size is the powder scoop?


A level powder scoop has 0.1 gm, which is enough for most procedures.


Will I have enough gel for the amount of powder?


We supply more than enough gel for the powder kit.



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Shelf Life


What is the shelf life?


The kits have a 3-year shelf life. Don’t leave the powder or gel containers open. The powder can absorb humidity, which reduces the shelf life by increasing the set time and reducing the compressive strength.  The gel will get thinner in visibility after 3 years.


Should I refrigerate the kit or its components?


No, this doesn’t help extend the shelf life, and may deteriorate the powder with the humidity of the refrigerator.




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